Why We Exist

ImageThe primary reason Firewall Ministries exists is to promote prayer against human trafficking. Some of our efforts are the following: (1) promoting the National Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking in the U.S., (2) establishing a global day of prayer against human trafficking, and (3) building a prayer app that provides users with simple prayers while allowing them to connect to organizations fighting HT.

Prayer is the primary focus of Firewall Ministries. Until slavery doesn’t exist and children are not repeatedly sexually abused and there is no longer a market for such activities, we will continue to pray. Seeking the face of our Father in heaven and asking Him for an end to the exploitation is our heartbeat because it is the heartbeat of the Father.

When we pray, we are connected to God’s heart. As the second largest crime industry in the world, human trafficking can seem an unconquerable adversary. But prayer brings a proper perspective. We can’t all have a direct encounter with victims and traffickers but, as believers in Jesus Christ, we all have the same access to our Father in heaven who is waiting to hear our voices so He can respond.

As John Wesley said, “God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it.” By God’s design, prayer was established to accomplish His purposes in the earth. He is waiting for us to open our mouths and make our requests known. As we do, God begins to shift things in the heavenlies to accomplish what we ask of Him. How can this be, you ask? Because when we pray what is already on His heart, He hears and answers.

Much work needs to be done and I thank God for those who are tirelessly fighting. They need our prayers because they need strength, protection, encouragement, discernment, wisdom, stamina and much more.

We have not forgotten and we are praying.