Like-Minded & Interceding

untitled-21 copyI don’t know about you, but I will never cease to be amazed when Christians, strangers mostly, come together and pray for people they don’t know – out of pure compassion.  Objectively, it’s astonishing.  And, apart from the Holy Spirit’s leading, it would never happen.  And I mean never.  Who comes out on a Monday night to pray with strangers for people they will probably never meet or know about an issue that is most likely far removed from their everyday reality?

For the past few months, I’ve met people who do just that.  There they are every time I show up to one of the “Journey Across The City” prayer meetings: passionate college students; concerned grandmothers; busy moms and dads; aging men who’s frail voices cry out for the young girls enslaved in the sex trafficking industry; pastors and citizens who long for justice – all in one room, one night a month, interceding on behalf of the victims, the traffickers, and all those in the fight to end it.  To say it is inspiring would be an understatement.

I don’t know much, but I do know this: We wouldn’t be coming to pray and intercede if God wasn’t spurring us on.  We are too selfish.  Too busy.  Too removed.  Even too apathetic.  Everywhere I turn these days the atrocity of human sex trafficking and slavery is being revealed, highlighted, written about, reported, and discussed.  I believe God is stirring people, opening our eyes to an injustice He wants to end.  Now.  In our lifetime.  I believe He is calling us to rise up and pray, intercede, do something that will help Him accomplish His plan to end it.

There is something else I know, even though I don’t understand it:  God accomplishes His plan with and through His people and He does nothing without prayer.  So, please come to the next prayer gathering in our city and join in with what God is doing.

See website for details.

Until All Are Free,  Eileen Sommi