Journey Across The City

If you’ve watched TV at all in the last couple of weeks you’ve seen their photos and heard their names: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus,  Michelle Knight, and Ariel Castro.  Image

They are the reasons we are committed to pray against human trafficking (HT). Firewall Ministries is asking God to spark and fuel a prayer movement in Knoxville, Tennessee and around the world that will join hundreds, thousands, and millions to pray for the end to human trafficking in our lifetime.

Many are already praying.  This year Firewall Ministries is facilitating prayer and worship gatherings in churches across Knoxville to spread awareness and collectively cry out for those with no voice.  On April, 15, 2013, over fifty people burdened with the reality of HT gathered at Sevier Heights Baptist Church and prayed.  Law enforcement, first responders, victims, and the traffickers themselves were covered in prayer as those gathered brought them before the God of love, grace, and justice.

On May 20, we will gather again.  To Pray.  For Amanda.  For Gina.  For Michelle.  And for Ariel – along with the many others around the world who are held captive in human trafficking.  Please join us at Trinity Church from 7-8pm and raise your voice. Those enslaved need us now.

Firewall-Ministries-April-2013-Sevier Heights Baptist-50Eileen Sommi